A Girl and Her Blender Part 1

As I enter the final six weeks of growing a tiny human, I’ve decided it’s time to start treating my final countdown as a training course for the inevitable marathon that will be labor and delivery, and what easier way to kick off baby mama boot camp than with some delicious and nutritious smoothies!

I was inspired by a link I had seen previously on Pinterest, so I bought a self-serve blender and some produce and decided to give it a whirl! My ingredients were simple as I tried to stick to a low budget to start, a pound of apples, a container of kale, a bunch of bananas, and a pint of strawberries, alongside one 32-ounce container of yogurt and a gallon of milk, I felt ready to take on the challenge of beefing up my diet with some extra fruits and veggies!

The trick was then to proportion everything into zip lock bags and store them in the freezer, because realistically who has time to chop fruit every morning? Short answer, not this lady! So, I set out on making enough to last me to Sunday, considering I was doing this on a Monday night, that would equate to six freezer bags of proportioned tastiness. I grabbed my materials: six apples, four bananas, half a pint of strawberries, and a whole container of kale and away I went packing the fruits and veggies into their respective bags. What I came up with for a final product was four of my signature banana, apple, kale kits, and two strawberry, apple, kale combos, making for a total of six prepacked bags tucked into the nooks and crannies of my freezer to grab and go throughout the week. As I lay down for bed that night I made sure my blender was ready to roll and went to bed looking forward to tomorrows produce packed breakfast smoothie.

Day one I woke up around 8am and swapped over the laundry, then grabbed my first bag of produce and realized as I tried to shove it into my narrow-mouthed blender, that perhaps I should have sliced up my bananas and apples a bit more finely before freezing them. Putting in the added milk and yogurt I soon found out that my poor little blender was having a tough time trying to blend the large frozen fruit pieces and it took a little extra time (and a little smoke from the blender) to blend all the goodies together. Small fire hazard aside, everything blended together well and I enjoyed starting the morning with a healthy lean green fighting machine filling my (and babies) stomach.

All things considered I’d say the smoothie experience went well for day one, but I’ll have to see if putting the pre-frozen bag of my choosing for the next day into the fridge to thaw overnight will do anything to avoiding overworking the blender. Stay tuned for a recap at the end of day six to see how the rest of the experience plays out!

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