Maternity Style Hacks That Won’t Break the Bank!

Congratulations you’re having a little noodle! If you’re a first-time Mom like me, you probably don’t want to break the bank on buying a whole bunch of adorable maternity clothes just yet, and who can blame you? While muddling my way through this pregnancy with my baby bean, I’ve come to learn the hard way what does and doesn’t work when it comes to dressing the bump. Through this article, I’m going to share with you some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to make the best of a low budget maternity wardrobe!

Thrift it Up!

First off, thrift stores are your new best friend! When I first started not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes I made sure to hit up the local salvation army to find some gently used tee shirts and sweaters a size or two larger than what I was currently wearing, and , I managed to spend a whopping $22 on what thankfully set me up for success throughout my pregnancy. That initial trip I left with three sweaters, four tee shirts, and a pair of maternity pants that are staples in my everyday wardrobe. Plus I scored a killer pair of pants and a zip up hoodie for when I’m post baby transitioning back into my regular clothes, things that will make a world of difference once the baby beans here.

Share the Wealth!

Second, take heart in the kindness of friends! I was super lucky to have received three adorable and super comfy maternity dresses from a friend at work who had her daughter back in February, and boy oh boy not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for those dresses. If you’re lucky enough to have a family member or friend pass along some baby mama clothes, thank them a thousand times over, and then continue the good deed and hand them off when you finally get back into your normal clothes! Maternity clothes can be pricey and we mama’s must stick together! Also, a huge shout out to my Mom for gifting me a couple killer maternity tops for Christmas, they also made the world of difference in my pregnancy wardrobe.

Hair Ties are a Girls Best Friends!

Elastic bands can make any pants maternity pants! Seriously, check out the picture below to see what magic I’m talking about here, but due to the good old elastic band trick, I’ve been fortunate enough to wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants through the entire pregnancy.

Tank Tops Are Life!

Tank tops are your new best friend. Really though whether it be using them with lower cut shirts to cover up the milk machines your bodies growing, or by turning them into inexpensive belly bands so you can side step the whole buttoning of the pants fiasco that is sure to arise, tank tops will become a staple in your maternity wardrobe. I lucked into a bunch on sale at Walmart for $1.98 each, sized up a couple sizes to get a little extra length to extra cover the elastic band pants, and poof! Your looking cute and no one can tell your pants have a two-inch gap between the button and the hole! To see how to turn a tank top into a belly band and save a few dollars, check out my tutorial here.

Stretchy Pants for Days!

Leggings can be professional I swear! If fitting into pants is becoming a struggle for you, believe me you are not alone, the elastic band trick can only take you so far! Solid black leggings are a staple to my maternity wardrobe because I can easily throw on a dress over them with a sweater and suddenly, they go from comfy attire to professional trend setter in the blink of an eye. Paired with some supportive flats or boots and you are ready to roll. Leggings are also great because paired with a tee shirt and sneakers, they make the perfect outfit for a weekend of doing stuff.

Don’t be afraid to stock up on solid colored tee shirts a size or two larger than you’d normally wear either, because they pair great with leggings and a sweater, and are all around so much comfier than stretching your pre-pregnancy tee’s, and will help you confidently rock the transition from carrying a watermelon in your belly, to carrying on in your arms!

Now with all of these awesome things, definitely came a learning curve! I can very vividly remember getting dressed in the dark one morning and getting to work only to realize my tee shirt no longer covered the belly! There will probably be a point where you must say goodbye for the time being to some of your favorite pre-baby wardrobe staples and that’s okay, because you’ll still be able to rock them once the baby is born. Also, if you’re relying on elastics to keep your buttons squared away, always carry a spare, nothing says disaster like losing the one thing keeping the world from knowing your pants are nowhere near buttoned. Maternity style and comfort is entirely up to you! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone or try something new just because you have a baby bump! Learn to love that belly and whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful!

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful in making your time with a baby bump as fashionable and stress free as possible, and feel free to drop any suggestions into the comment section down below! Stay comfy and keep slaying that mom bod!

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