Home Improvement: Bureau Edition

When nesting takes on a new level of fun...

An Ode to Winston Churchill

This past week has been a rough one, from chaos at work, and the stress of getting everything ready for baby, nothing had prepared me for the amount of emotions I would feel with the passing of our handsome boy Winston. Although Winston wasn’t my dog in ownership, he was a huge part of Dylan... Continue Reading →

The Book With No Pictures: A Review.

Expecting a tiny human to join your family opens doors to all kinds of new adventures, my favorite being the creation of the collection of children’s books you’ll inevitably read six thousand times before the small human can read them back to you. I was blessed at my baby shower to receive a plethora of... Continue Reading →

Top 5 MA State Parks to Visit This Summer

Spring is finally beginning to arrive here in Massachusetts and with that comes the excitement of planning day trips to all of my favorite state parks! I’m lucky enough to live in a state that has a little bit of everything, and have visited a number of great state parks throughout the years, and figured... Continue Reading →

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