A Girl and Her Blender Part 2

With a little bit of trial and error, I think I’ve finally mastered the week-long smoothie prep! It took a little bit of thinking and a lot of hoping for the best but after six days of delicious smoothies, I can officially say I’m feeling confident in my prep game!  Things I learned from the first day were then considered and adjusted for over the next five days, and although they needed tweaking here and there, the end result after six days was that my blender became my friend and frozen fruit my life line for kicking the day off right!

The problems I ran into on day one were simple, that the large fruit chunks were hard to fit into my narrow mouth blender and that the large fruit chunks were hard to blend without overworking my little single serve beauty. Day two and three I decided to pull my prepared bag of smoothie goodies and put them in the fridge six to eight hours before making the actual smoothie, so at midnight or two AM when I got up to use the bathroom, I would put the fruit bag into the fridge to thaw. Although this did work, the fruit thawed and got, for lack of a better word, mushy, and although the taste didn’t change I wasn’t a huge fan of slimy kale bits in my smoothie. Day four I decided to try and blend in smaller portions, but I kept adding milk every time I went to add more fruit and essentially ended up running out of room in the blender before blending all the fruit. Although I did run out of room halfway through an apple, I did learn to love frozen apple slices so you could say that’s a win. Day five I finally found my groove as it dawned on me that you can in fact cut frozen fruit without too much difficulty. I finally broke down and just sliced everything way thinner than I originally had planned, and go figure it ended up blending smoothly without the need for excessive amounts of milk and yogurt. By day six I was seasoned and ready, and had my smoothie completed in a record three minutes to include the time it took to re-slice the fruit. Going into my next smoothie prep phase I will definitely be sure to slice the fruit into more manageable pieces, and also potentially skin the apples as the apples skin didn’t really blend, and although delicious, made a weird texture that I didn’t dislike, but could go without.

I’m looking forward to expanding my smoothie horizons before baby bean arrives, and building a freezer stash to live off for the first few weeks he’s home! Keep in mind that each frozen smoothie kit can last for two weeks, so for all my meal preppers or busy bees that is two weeks of grab and go that will make your body and your mind happy! Let me know what you think about my blender adventures and share any of your favorite recipes or suggestions in the comments below!

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