The Book With No Pictures: A Review.

Expecting a tiny human to join your family opens doors to all kinds of new adventures, my favorite being the creation of the collection of children’s books you’ll inevitably read six thousand times before the small human can read them back to you. I was blessed at my baby shower to receive a plethora of phenomenal reading material for my baby bean to spend his early years enjoying, and this post is dedicated to my favorite of the books I’ve received, The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak.

Now it would appear odd that a children’s book would have no pictures, but after reading it aloud to my husband, and to my belly when no one else is home, it is probably the most fun and most underrated children’s book I ever did come across. Given to me by my literary aficionado childhood best friend, this book is full of everything both parents and little noodles can get down with. Funny sound effects, lots of giggles, and an overall fantastic read aloud book, the lack of pictures is something that goes completely out of your mind when reading it.

A simple font design on white pages, the book alternates between black text and color as you take a journey through a read aloud adventure full of silly words, sassy parental commentary, and even an adorable boost to your kid’s ego.



I really liked reading this book out loud as it was one that made me laugh and make ridiculous noises, but also seems like the perfect way to end a day with the tiny human in your life as it presents you as someone who too can have fun, even after a long day of being a parent. The book itself automatically put me in a good mood and made me excited for when my little tiny human finally makes his appearance and can enjoy it in real life with his silly mom.

With a name that leaves everything on the table, The Book with No Pictures does anything but disappoint as it swallows you down into a world of words that do more than any picture could, allowing you to use your imagination and a little bit of kid like spirit to tell the tale the way you want to, without pictures to dictate how you tell it.

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