An Ode to Winston Churchill

This past week has been a rough one, from chaos at work, and the stress of getting everything ready for baby, nothing had prepared me for the amount of emotions I would feel with the passing of our handsome boy Winston. Although Winston wasn’t my dog in ownership, he was a huge part of Dylan and I’s life, when we moved in last October it was evident that he was a constant energy in our lives. It was very unexpected and we had to say goodbye to Winston this week due to a sudden change in health status, and it was with heavy hearts he was sent off to the great big peanut butter jar in the sky. It’s hard to put in words just how much he meant to us, and I still struggle with coming home from work to a quiet house. His golden retriever presence is one that doesn’t go unnoticed, and his early morning cuddles are greatly missed. He was the best pup a girl could ever have the pleasure of meeting, and he’ll never be forgotten as the lovable handsome puppy butt he was. Rest easy my furry friend.


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