Halo Top: Low Calorie, High Taste

For many like myself, ice cream is seen as one of the seven wonders of the world, and for good reason! Ice cream has many delicious qualities, with its creamy cool deliciousness that can make you smile any time of day or night, its no wonder many of us live for the sweet cool treat. With the love of ice cream comes responsibility, as ice cream can be one of the lesser healthy options for a midnight snack, it can often prove a moral dilemma on how much of the sweet stuff we can consume without guilt. Now enter the picture an ice cream that is low calorie, high protein, and with no artificial sweeteners and you’ve found the key to success! Halo top is a new brand of ice cream that fits the bill when it comes to painlessly indulging in some creamy dairy goodness, without the fear of packing on the pounds.

Halo top runs for about $4.99 a pint at price chopper, and can be found in the ice cream aisle in all its frozen glory. With a multitude of flavors it’s a hard decision to make when it comes to choosing just one! My personal favorite so far has to be the birthday cake, with a vanilla base and rainbow sprinkles, it only took one sitting to polish off the four servings in the pint. With each pint boasting no artificial sweeteners and all natural ingredients, it’s a no brainer that when you want to treat yourself, this is the way to do it.

With an all-natural approach comes a little bit of a textural difference, and the ice cream itself takes a little longer to thaw than your average pint, however the difference in texture and thaw time don’t take away from the tastiness of the treat! Each pint also packs a little bit of protein which makes for a great recovery snack after any sort of physical exercise. You can check out the Halo Top website for more information about flavors, where to buy, and the background of the company, as well as a handy comparison of the nutrition facts of a various ice cream types.

Although on the pricey side of the ice cream aisle I think it’s worth every penny as Halo Top has become my go to treat for when I’m feeling a cool pick me up after a hectic day in the life. I also love that I can incorporate it into my post baby diet plan as a sweet treat that’s light on calories without the fear of artificial sweeteners and other nasty ingredients. Try it for yourself and let me know which flavor you can’t live without!

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