Home Improvement: Bureau Edition

The nesting instinct has hit full force and this past weekend I decided it would be fun to take on a project I’d been dying to complete before the arrival of my baby noodle. Last Saturday I took on the task of repainting the bureau we had planned to use for Ezra’s clothes, as it had seen a varying amount of paint jobs in its life as a piece of furniture.

The backstory to this bureau is actually pretty neat, we received the then white bureau in preparation for my now fifteen-year-old sister’s arrival from a family friend back in 2002, this resulted in a bright coat of pink to make it more at home. Then when I was in high school it was repainted a brown color to accommodate our foster brother at the time, and once he left somehow, the tiny bureau came with me when I moved into my first apartment in 2014. Fast forward three years as I start a family of my own and I decided it was time to break out the paint and add my own layer to the history of the bureau.

The first thing I did was to pick out colors, luckily enough we had some spare paint laying around from other recent household projects, and I wanted to try and stick to a neutral color scheme in case we decided to have another noodle years down the line. With some help from my mother in law I found a gorgeous light green as well as  a darker green color that I decided to use as a highlight to add a little sophistication to the piece.

The painting part was easy, I took out the drawers and painted the core of the dresser first with the light green, and then once it dried, painted over certain parts of the border with the darker color. Once the skeleton of the bureau was finished I moved onto the drawers, using the lighter color on the entire drawer to achieve the desired effect, and once completed, let them dry. With the help of a small space heater everything dried evenly and I had my finished product about two hours later.

The final product is something I’m really proud of, as it gives a nice pop of color to a once ordinary piece of furniture, and it added to the story of the bureau as it prepares to be a part of another little life.


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