A Trap Worth Falling For: Trap Falls

This past Sunday we took Ezra out to Townsend, MA for a visit to Trap Falls! The gorgeously wooded area boasts a beautiful water fall located on MA-119 E just past Willard Brook State Forest and it is the perfect place to spend the day with family! Last year my husband and I visited and climbed up the falls, preferring to stick our feet in the top pools of water and watch the falls from above, this year however, I stuck to the bottom pools with the baby, while my Husband and a friend decided to take the climb. We had a great time sticking our feet in the cool water and enjoying the sounds of the crashing falls all while soaking up the shade given by the plethora of trees.

Trap Falls is a part of the Massachusetts DCR and is carry in, carry out, meaning there are no trash barrels so I recommend bringing a shopping bag or two if you plan on spending the day. The Falls do have restroom facilities as well as grills and picnic tables in order to accommodate for days spent enjoying the natural attraction.

A scenic drive through central Mass is all that stands between you and a lovely day spent by the falls, so pack a lunch and take the trip out to visit the beautiful landmark, parking is free and you will not be disappointed spending time in such a gorgeous part of the state!


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