Asnacomet Pond Beach: Tiny but Mighty

Looking for a place to cool off with the kiddos during the hot summer months? Look no further than Asnacomet Pond Beach, also known as Comet Pond, the family friendly watering hole is located out in Hubbardston, Massachusetts and proves to be the place to go for parents with small children during the summer.

My husband and I took Ezra out to the beach one day a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised at how many young families littered the sand. The beach is tiny but mighty with a roped off swimming area that went no deeper than my waist, I felt at ease with the fact that the waters weren’t guarded. Although the waters are not guarded, there is a DCR staff member on duty maintaining a presence and ensuring the safety is a number one priority.

Small but adorable, the beach has plenty of tree coverage to ensure enough shade for those who can’t handle the sun, as well as rocks along the shore line on the outskirts of the swimming area to sit and enjoy in the shade. The beach itself is a gem because parking is free and its small and secure, a perfect place to take the kids without the fear of them running off or getting lost. I look forward to taking my little noodle to Comet Pond for years to come since its close to home and perfect for a day out by the water.

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