The Story So Far: Maternity Leave Wrap Up

Like the other 70.5 percent of American mom’s, I’ve recently rejoined the work force! After taking about 11 weeks off to take care of myself and baby after giving birth, I not only went back to work, but also went through the process of starting a new job and man oh man has it been exciting! As I break back into a normal working routine, I decided I’d give a brief wrap up of the lessons learned during my maternity leave as well as what I’ve learned as I transition back to work.

Maternity leave was not a vacation! I naively thought that when I popped my kiddo out, he was immediately going to be this perfect baby and I was going to enjoy a nice relaxing summer off. Boy was I wrong. I did enjoy my summer with my husband and baby, but the amount of work that we put in was sooo much more than if I’d just been working my 30 hour work week. Being a parent is a 24/7 gig and although it was great spending every waking moment caring for this tiny human, it was and still is alot of work.

You’ll never sleep eight straight hours again. Just accept it, your baby isn’t going to care if you’re tired, he isn’t going to care if you’re sick. Coffee is going to be your best friend from here on out.

Everyday is both rewarding and mundane at the same time. You’ll be so excited by the small things but by diaper number 12 you’ll be looking for a little bit of excitement. I absolutely loved breaking up the monotony of the day to day routine by going on adventures literally anywhere. Wal-Mart, the bike path, my mom’s, anywhere we went was an experience and it was fantastic. Leave the house as often as possible and you’ll be alright.

Going back to work and being around adults all day is exciting and nerve wracking all in one. I started a new job and at first I felt super out of place because all my conversation points revolved around my son. Eventually it became easier to acclimate to actual adult conversations that didn’t involve talking about diapers and tummy time, but it was definitely a transition. 

Finally I’m beyond thankful and lucky for my husband and my family who supported my transition back to work. My husband has flawlessly taken on the hefty task of running our little household and taking care of the kiddo when I’m at work. He was quite literally given a 12 hour notice before I went back to work, starting back with a 16 hour shift, and he took on the challenge  without batting an eye. 

Going back to work marks the end of maternity leave and the start of a new chapter in life, and so far everything’s looking up.

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