Burgers, Brews, and Bold Flavors: The Fix.


Since the birth of our noodle, we’ve tried to go out for a baby free lunch or dinner at least once a month, one Wednesday we set out for our baby free adventure with our eyes set on a place my husband had found online. We jumped on the highway and were giddy at the idea of trying somewhere new, the pull to try this place was my husband’s love of a good burger, reading the menu  his mouth quite literally began to water just thinking about the meal ahead.

We arrived at The Fix Burger Bar located in Worcester, MA and were seated almost instantly, the atmosphere was cool and relaxed, the music was low key and we definitely got the vibe that this place was not far from a college campus.

We were given two menus, one for food and one for beers, plus a specials list that consisted of a handful of drafts on tap. When the waiter came back to grab our drink order he suggested we try the seasonal cider on draft and we both ordered one. What he brought back has become one of our all-time favorite ciders, called Aloha Friday from Downeast Cider located in Boston, MA, it tasted like a seasonal dream come true. With our confidence rising we placed our order and it was not long before our burgers were in front of us.

When the burgers arrived they looked amazing and it wasn’t long before we dug in. The flavors were impeccable, I ordered “The Ghost Faced” burger, consisting of ginger mayo mixed with sweet chili slaw on top a perfectly cooked turkey burger. My husband ordered “The Splurge”, with blackberry champagne BBQ bacon on top of a quarter pound of American Kobe beef with a slew of other delicious flavors thrown in the middle, he was at a loss for words after his first bite. We both nearly cleared our plates, and were so stuffed I thought we would have to roll back to the car. For a baby free date to a place unknown I’d say it was a success.

The before and after of my husbands burger.

So if you’re in the Worcester area and are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, between the extensive beer menu, the delicious burgers, or just a chill place to stuff your face, I’d say give The Fix a try and treat yo’ self to an all-around good time.

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