Twin Cousins: The Background.

So as you probably know, last May I welcomed my handsome son Ezra into the world, but what you may not know is only about six hours prior to Ezra making an appearance, my triplet sister Erin brought a beautiful daughter Bailey Grace into the world as well. Yes you in fact read that correctly, now let me explain. 

I am the oldest of a set of triplets, consisting of two girls and a boy, I have one triplet sister Erin and one triplet brother Mike , plus a kid sister Bridie who is seven years younger than us. You can see the resemblance below.

From left to right: Erin, Mike, the youngest Bridie, and Me at our cousins wedding.

Now growing up as a multiple was awesome, we did everything from birth to age 18 together, and even though we’ve fled the coop we still get together whenever we can. My sister Erin and I were and still are especially close, we roomed together in our first (and second) apartment, we’ve driven cross country together, have matching tattoos and by some weird act of the universe gave birth to babies hours apart in side by side rooms of the same hospital, hence the title twin cousins.

Both babies were pleasant surprises, and my sister was living in a completely different state when she found out she was expecting. With due dates two weeks apart, somehow we ended up going into labor the same day, her being induced a week late while I went into labor a week early. Although the babies share seperate birthdays, Bailey being May 23rd, Ezra May 24th, he only made it into a new day by six minutes. 

We had the benefit of experiencing our pregnancies at the exact same time, bouncing questions off of each other, eating loads of ice cream, and spending hours in target looking at baby clothes while curious eyes gazed at the oddly similar looking pregnant girls in aisle 4. It was awesome to share the first time mom jitters with someone who I’ve shared literally everything else with, and we continue to share everything to do with parenting to this day.

Mother’s Day 2017.

It was definitely an experience being pregnant at the same time, but having babies that were literal hours apart is even crazier! The babies have been besties since day zero, and it’s alot of fun to watch them grow and develop at their own pace, with an extra set of little toes to give all the kisses. When one of us has both babies we’ve adopted the weird name of “Auntie Mama” because that’s how close we all are. 

Bailey and Ezra showing off for the camera.

It’s crazy to think as a multiple you share so much with your siblings, birthdays, classrooms, parents, but to be able to share the parenthood journey step by step with my sister and her daughter is probably the coolest thing we have in common. Stay tuned for more on the twin cousins as they start talking and creating chaos wherever they go!

Ezra and Bailey getting spooky for Halloween.

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