New Year New Blog?

Alright Mama fans it’s been a hot minute since I’ve given you any new content and for that I apologize ten million times over! We moved, got a new job, got teeth, survived the holidays, and our first cold since the last time I’ve written, and it feels both amazing and terrifying to think so much has happened in the 364 days of 2017! With that being said I look forward to the new year, 2018 has some good stuff in store for not only the blog, but our little life as well. 

For the new year I want to start fresh and kick off some serious blog posting, this upcoming week we’ll be tackling teething, making our own baby food, and environmental issues! A whole lots of good stuff coming your way that hopefully will not disappoint! 

My next topic of business is that I want to hear from you! The readers! The awesome people that take the thirty seconds to validate my mama rambling by checking out the articles when they post! I’d love to get some feed back as to what you want to see more (or less) of, give me some topics you wanna learn more about, I’m game for all things new and exciting this year! I’d also love to open up the forum for guest posts, got an idea you’re super into and want a platform to take on the world? Let me know! I’d love to expand the New England Mama universe! 

Well folks that’s all for now, keep your eyes peeled for some good content coming your way and live your best life! 

Happy New Year from the New England Mama crew! 

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