Treat Yo’ Self: 10 Self Care Ideas for the Busy Mom.

For most of us the days of only having to keep ourselves together and on track are long gone, now we have children, pets, significant others, jobs, responsibilities, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure we’re treating ourselves like the fine human beings that we are. Let’s face it, most people just simply do not have large chunks of time to devote to self-care, but that’s where this list comes into play! These ten tested and New England Mama approved methods will allow you to factor in some time for you, with very little time crunch.

1. Listen to Your Favorite Song on Full Volume.
It’s been proven that music effects our brains in a way more powerful than most experiences, you can read more about that here, but for now you know exactly what songs get you hyped, take a second to blast one and recharge.

2. Hunt the Good Stuff.
Recently (last December) I took a brief training course that focused on resiliency, one of the easiest ways to harvest resiliency was by hunting the good stuff. Take three minutes to find three good things that happened during your day, it will allow you to focus on the positives, something we don’t always do. If you want to take this further write it down in a journal for a week, after that week take a step back and read them all, you’ll be surprised how much good there actually is in a day.

3. Make Your Bed.
I’m not saying this as a mom, I’m saying this because it has a weirdly therapeutic effect after a long day, for me especially I’ve always had to make my bed before I could lie in it, there’s something about having a neat place to sleep in that I find balances me at the end of the day.

4. Find a Puppy Butt, Give it Some Pets.
Who doesn’t feel better after a quick thirty seconds of rubbing a puppy butt. When I worked fulltime at the hospital I lived for Fridays when they brought in therapy dogs for the patients, we often joked they were more therapeutic for the staff, and honestly you can’t be grumpy around a puppy.

5. Drink your coffee while it’s warm.
Mom’s I know you feel the lukewarm coffee struggle, even if it means sitting in the mini-van an extra four minutes to let the warm caffeinated gold run through your veins, drink your coffee (or tea) while it’s still hot. You will feel one hundred and ten percent less rushed, even if you are, simply because it’s warm.

6. Eat a Healthy Snack.
I know it seems like a great idea to stuff your face with Oreos at the end of the day, but studies have shown that what we eat really does have an effect on how our body works. As explained in this article from the Harvard Health Blog, your body is a well-oiled machine and you get out what you put in, now I’m not saying to ditch the Oreos completely, but maybe have some milk with said Oreos to even it out a bit. Even if you eat one high protein low carb snack a day, you are killing the health game and your body and mind will thank you.

7. Read Something Inspiring.
Every morning when I get ready for my day I thumb through the ever growing Pinterest board of positive quotes, and it actually gets my day started in a solid direction. Find a quote or small blurb that inspires you, set it as your lock screen, and treat yo’ self to some positive vibes even when doing mundane tasks like checking texts or answering emails.

8. Laugh.
It can be from listening to a podcast on your way to work, from watching your child do something outrageous, or just at the hilarity of your daily life, but please, try and laugh. Even if you fake it, you’ll probably end up laughing at how goofy your fake laugh sounds.

9. Take a Deep Breath (or Seven)
I’ve found that learning to take a deep breath and step back and deescalate has done wonders in my personal life, just breathing purposefully and deep for two minutes has the ability to bring me back to earth when I’m losing my cool. You can take this a step further and meditate, whether it is guided meditations or simply listening to ocean waves while folding laundry, do something that soothes your soul and brings your brain some peace.

10. Drink Water.
This one is so simple, yet so many people (myself being the number one) are not getting their daily water dose and it’s slowing us down. Over the years I’ve heard multiple reports as to how much water you should drink a day but when in doubt stick with the tried and true eight glasses of water a day, it may seem like a large number but realistically that’s only two 32 ounce water bottles. Get yourself a reusable water bottle that makes you feel awesome and drink away! Drinking water can increase your mood, make your body physically happy, and give you a realistic goal to crush every day.

Well there you have it, a simple list for a simple solution, self-care made quick and easy for the mama on the go. I know it’s difficult and often times painful to find time for ourselves, but it’s impossible to pour from an empty glass, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and the rest will follow suit.

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