A Curious Birthday: A Lazy Moms Guide

A Curious Birthday: A Lazy Moms Guide

The End of Year One!

We made it! Today Ezra turns one and what a journey it has been!! The ups, the downs, the giggles, and the frowns, its unreal how quickly it all went by! This is just a short post to relish in the accomplishment of making it through the first year (seemingly) unscathed, and a huge thanks... Continue Reading →

Shape Match: A Tutorial

Recently I’ve tried to incorporate more learning type activities into our schedule, and while on Pinterest I stumbled upon the world of quiet books. The idea is a (typically felt) book that is elaborate with quiet busy activities for little hands to accomplish. If you know me at all, you know that 1. Felt is... Continue Reading →

Our Summer Bucket List!

Summer has arrived, 80 degrees and a lot of humidity, we’ve (hopefully) said goodbye to the New England Winter that seemed to stretch ages. With summer around the corner, and Ezra at an age where adventures are enjoyable, I’ve compiled our summer bucket list! Sit back and relax as you take in the warm summer... Continue Reading →

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