Our Summer Bucket List!

Summer has arrived, 80 degrees and a lot of humidity, we’ve (hopefully) said goodbye to the New England Winter that seemed to stretch ages.

With summer around the corner, and Ezra at an age where adventures are enjoyable, I’ve compiled our summer bucket list! Sit back and relax as you take in the warm summer air and read along below!

1. Visit the Ocean.
2. Visit the aquarium.
3. Kiddie Pool!!
4. Story time at the library (find your local library here)
5. Music in the Park
6. Backyard “camping”
7. Go hiking (visit my original post on awesome MA state parks here)
8. Picnic lunch
9. Dinner on the deck
10. Visit the Lexington Concord Greens
11. Take a stroll down the Freedom Trail
12. Lunch date at Trap Falls
13. Visit five new state parks
14. Take a trip to the Zoo
15. Spend a day at the lake (or pond)
16. Meet up with some friends at the park
17. Have a morning breakfast date in the backyard
18. Walk all the dogs (Please lend us your dogs, we love puppy butts.)
19. Bubbles!!
20. Visit a museum (check out this years listing for free fun Friday’s, and last year’s post with some background here.)
21. Plant something (suggestions always welcome)
22. Swing in a hammock
23. Visit a new State
24. Collect sea shells
25. Start a postcard scrapbook (I like the idea of creating a collection of postcards or pictures from new places we visit every summer, in the cheesy hopes that it’ll get passed on to him when he’s all grown up.)

Well that’s our list,, I look forward to sharing a recap of our adventures with all of our readers! If you have any suggestions feel free to add along in the comments!!!

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