New England Mama Book Club: The Last Equation of Isaac Severy by Nova Jacobs

If you’re looking for a summer read that’s full of mystery, intrigue, and math, look no further because this one is for you!

The novel focuses on Hazel, an adopted member of a family that view academia and intellect as the be all end all of humanity, as an average person of average intelligence, we watch her feel out of place in a world where numbers rule the roost.

Sent a cryptic letter after the passing of her adoptive grandfather, Hazel must race against the imaginary clock as she tries to unravel the meaning of the mission placed in her lap, to find and destroy the last equation created by her mathematician grandfather before it falls into the wrong hands. With a failing business and recent heartbreak back home allowing her to distance herself from her old life, Hazel is on the case to unravel the mysterious final equation of Isaac Severy. Having been adopted into a family of academic elites, Hazel is unsure why she is tasked out to find and destroy his final works, but as you read deeper it becomes clear why she was assigned such an important task.

Hazel and her brother Greg we’re adopted into the Severy family at a young age, only landing in the custody of their grandparents Isaac and Lily after a serious series of events at the hands of Isaacs rejected son Tom. Having grown up in the care of Isaac, Hazel feels connected to Isaac through this task, even if they never connected on an academic level like his biological children.

With a six hour round trip on my hands I was able to finish the novel over the course of three days and honestly found it hard to put down. An easy read in the sense of writing style, I admired how the author alternated between the view points of Hazel, her brother Greg, and Uncle Philip, and how all three of their stories although separate in nature, blended together in a harmonious chaos that kept me on my toes.

Set in modern day California, although the story is set on recovering Isaacs final works, there is also the interesting aspect of a family who has now lost their patriarch, and as a reader witnessing the aftermath of such a loss and the impact it has on the family is fascinating. Throw in a family member no one has ever met and the dynamic becomes even more interesting as they scramble to make sense of it all.

A quick and catchy read that keeps the reader glued to the page, I would highly recommend reading this book somewhere with your feet in the sand and an umbrella drink by your side. The Last Equation of Isaac Severy is a perfect beach read.

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