Decluttering 101: A Down and Dirty Guide

In a pervious post I mentioned that decluttering has turned into a type of coping skill, finding a certain cathartic quality to getting rid of the ever growing piles of junk in my life, here’s a list of things you can start with on your decluttering journey! Decluttering doesn’t have to mean just throwing away, reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, and sell to your hearts content, just ditch the clutter however makes you comfortable!
1. Old receipts
2. Junk Mail
3. Old/ Expired condiments
4. Charging cables that no longer charge
5. Shoes that don’t fit/ are worn beyond wear
6. Clothes that don’t fit
7. Old remote controls
8. Books you’ll never read again
9. Out of date cosmetics (a handy guideline can be found here)
10. Old medicine/ vitamins
11. Old magazines and newspapers (don’t forget the sales flyers!)
12. Dried out markers (recycle them with Crayola!)
13. Toys that are no longer being used
14. Tupperware without a lid
15. Empty food containers in the pantry
16. Non-perishables you have no use for (Find your local food pantry here)
17. Old keys/lanyards/key chains
18. Old Cleaning Supplies
19. DVD’s you don’t watch
20. Product manuals that are available online
Well folks that is my down and dirty list of what to start with on your way to a decluttered life, is there anything else you would add? Was there anything that seemed more difficult to part with than others? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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