Rainy Day Boredom Busters: Toddler Edition

Happy Monday reader friends! The weather at home as turned rainy and cold, which is a perfect opportunity to bring in some helpful rainy day boredom busters for when you really can’t watch a single second more of the plethora of television shows the kids are into these days. With minimal effort and materials, I bring you a fun list of ideas to get the toddlers moving and grooving, with the hopes of keeping them busy and you sane during the not so great weather days

1. Reading!

Reading is a great way to break up the monotony of the day, we like to read during meal times when little mans contained to his highchair, or at night time when he’s settling into bed. There are numerous studies showing the benefits of reading to your child, and it is a low energy way to interact and give the baby vocabulary a boost.

2. Kitchen exploration!

If you’re okay with your little one getting some fingerprints on your pots and pans, take some out from the cabinets and let them explore! You’ll find that by introducing something new, they’ll be entertained for a few minutes more than playing with their everyday toys, and it can be super helpful while your trying to cook or clean up from a meal. Little man loves the pasta strainer, and can also be pacified by playing with wooden spoons for a good chunk of time. To take it up a notch, sit on the kitchen floor with them and explain what each pot or pan does, familiarization in the kitchen is never a bad thing!

3. The Stuff and Things Game!

This is an activity that was born when I started decluttering and found myself with a bunch of small baskets and containers laying around with nothing in them! What I did was create a few small baskets of baby safe things such as toys, costume jewelry, random nick knacks that need a home, and placed them strategically around the room. Little dude just goes around and finds the basket and then will just sit for a few minutes and go through the contents, buying me enough time to clean up the room I’m in while he explores the stuff and things in the basket. Yes you will have to clean up the stuff and things on the floor after, but being able to make the bed, put laundry away, and clean surfaces while he’s happily distracted is worth the five minute pick up after he’s asleep.

4. Peek A Boo.

Peek A Boo is the easiest way to get a toddler to giggle, we all know how to use our hands and cover our eyes, but if you want to get really wild, try using a blanket or towel and watch the belly laughs begin! We use blankets, towels, boxes, blocks, even today little man was in hysterics laughing as he played peek a boo behind the sheer curtains in the living room, yes he could see me, but boy did he laugh! This ones super easy and can be played while you sit and try and drink that coffee you’ve been working on all morning.

5. Bring the Outdoors In!

This one may be a little more work, but we have a kiddie pool we clean up and bring inside specifically for when we can’t go outside. It’s small enough that he can crawl, climb, bounce around and not wreck the place, but big enough that he can play for hours and even nap in if he wants to! Especially with a rainy stretch like the one upcoming, the pool will easily be turned into a fort, a mini-library, a ball pit, and a vehicle as one of us drags it around the living room.

6. Arts and Crafts!

Have some recycling paper and a glue stick? Help the little one simply glue the recycled newspaper, sales flyers, whatever you have onto another piece of paper! It does require supervision but is a great way to kill time, familiarize the little one with glue, work on fine motor skills, and reuse all that paper you have piled up! You can get creative and make fun summer designs, or just rip and glue, there’s no right or wrong way and it will provide a solid chunk of activity time to entertain the littles. Other fun arts and crafts ideas would be making Father’s Day cards, or you can give painting a try! Little man loves painting, and you can check out how to make it mostly mess free here!

7. Dance Party!

What kid doesn’t love dancing?! Throw on the tunes and get ready to boogie, a great and easy way to get energy out before nap time without having to do much work! We like to throw on either Disney songs, or the husband and I will out on our favorites, whatever you jam to, crank the volume and watch the cuteness unfold!

8. Water Play.

This one is also known as “how long can you play in the tub before the water gets cold”, but it can easily be tweaked if you have a large tote type plastic container and some towels on the floor. Little man loves splashing and playing with his tub toys, on days when we’ve exhausted all options, I let him play in the tub for as long as he’ll stand it. I can easily sit and play with him in the tub for however long he wants, because really we’re killing two birds with one stone, the kid gets clean, and he plays and is engaged for a decent amount of time without needing much input from me.

9. Godzilla Baby!

As I think we all know, toddlers love knocking stuff down! Want to spend an hour making your kid laugh while getting hit with tumbling blocks? Try building literally anything within a half mile radius of a toddler and they immediately turn into Godzilla, which is great because they get in some exercise, a lot of giggles, and you really only need to get three blocks deep into the tower for it to be effective. The building and destroying is what we call a win-win-win scenario, bonus points if you can get them to help you clean up, and extra bonus points if you turn it into an educational experience by explaining shapes and colors.

10. Nap Time.

This one is kind of a cop out, however it’s important to note on this list because depending on the age of your toddler, there will still be some sort of napping involved in your day. Nap time is a beautiful time where you can reset from the mornings activities, finish your coffee, take some time to treat yo’ self and do something you enjoy. Life is all about balance and there’s a reason the universe blessed us with the gift of nap time!

There you have it, my ten best ideas for keeping your toddler entertained when they have a case of the rainy day blues, what are some ways you entertain your tiny human when the weather turns south?

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