Why Am I Allowed to Parent?: Part One

I’ve been keeping track of all the times I’ve asked myself “why am I allowed to parent? And decided to create a series of short articles sharing these times with the blog world!

In todays installment I bring you the joys of having a trash baby! Now when I say trash baby, I’m talking about my child’s love of trash and recycling, we can go anywhere and if there’s a trash barrel he’s on it like the miscellaneous food stains and general grossness that accompanies trash barrels. We have two recycling bins at our house, he regularly will beeline past his toys and play with the varying empty containers. Two days a week I bring little dude with me to work and within minutes he’s in their kitchen trash.

The thing that has me asking why am I allowed to parent is that by the end of the day, the trash barrels are hidden but if he’s running around with an empty cardboard box or egg carton, I truly can’t stop him. Anything super gross is off limits but other than that by five o’clock the recycling bin seems to be fair game.

With our fascination with trash barrells also comes a huge love of toilets, but thats for another day. Does anyone else have a trash baby or two? Do they out grow it? What other weird things do your kids do that make you question everything you’ve ever done as a parent?

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