Why Am I Allowed to Parent?: Part Two

As mentioned in last weeks installment, my child can’t get enough of toilets! We think the love of “the throne” spurs from his absolute infatuation with water, but give him 2.5 seconds of freedom and an open door and the kids little hands go right for the ceramic nightmare.

The reason his love of toilets has me questioning my parenting skills is because as long as he’s been mobile, he’s been obsessed! We’re a year into his little life and we have yet to break the cycle.

It’s not even like he only goes for the unoccupied toilet, he really is an equal opportunity toilet fiend! Even if someone is on the toilet, he’ll come burst in running at you with a smile. All the while you have to play bathroom defender and try and keep his cold little hands from being in your business (and I mean this in the most literal sense.) while trying to hurry up and get him out.

He is constantly trying to lift the lid, stick his hands in the bowl, or just mess around with the germiest part of our home.

I’ve made it my mission to clean the bathroom deeply twice a week, but still no one brings a baby into the world thinking their favorite play place will be the bathroom.

We tried gating the bathroom, locking the door, but it’s really only a deterrent because as soon as it’s tubby time, game on.

I’m hoping his toilet fascination leads to an early interest in potty training, but until then it’s a long day of playing keep away from the toilet.

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