An Open Letter to Dad

Happy Father’s Day! In honor of the day little man and I have teamed up to write a letter to all the Dad’s in the world! As little dude can’t really elaborate too much, I figured I’d give him a helping hand in the letter creation. Alternating from my experiences with my Dad, to little mans experiences with his, we’ve crafted a letter to say thanks.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for all the spiders you’ve killed, and all the bees you’ve scared away.
From pancake breakfasts to mac and cheese nights, it’s hard to imagine what it’d be like without you. All times you’ve made me laugh or listened to me complain, from sleepless nights as a newborn to the silence of when I moved away, today we celebrate you Dad, in every possible way!

It’s not easy being a Dad in a world that adores their mothers, often you get put on the back burner for one reason or another. But take no care to the times when it seemed like I loved mom best, because you’re always in my heart, and you’re never second best. I know how hard you work to get me ready when moms away; and how excited you are when you get to hang out with just me for an entire day!

Although I may not always be the easiest kid to love, you’re always there beside me through hell, high water, and mud. Even when we don’t exactly see eye to eye, I know that you are there for me when times begin to try.

Although I may be little with many years to go, knowing that you’ll always be there is a fantastic thing to know. You helped me take my very first steps and fed me my first real food, you take me to the park and let me be your player two! I may not always be the littlest of kids, but you’ll always brush me off when I fall and my knees skid.

So Dad, there it is I hope I’ve made you proud, everyday is a new and exciting adventure as long as you’re around. Today is a day created especially for you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite brew. I love you dearly, no matter how far I may travel, even as I grow you’ll always be my pal.

So here’s to all the Dads, biological, foster, adopted,and step, no matter how they seem to meet us in life, guiding us in the direction they know is best. We wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you all for that, hats off to all the dads in the world,

Thank you, that’s a wrap.



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