Toddler Activities: Feed the Shark

Lately I’m blown away with little man and his transition into toddler life! That being said he know is at a prime age to start with all the fun activities I’ve been waiting forever to try out with him! A week or two again we created a shark themed activity that delighted all ages, feed the shark is an easy way to work on fine motor skills and show off a love of sharks.

The materials you’ll need are simple, a cardboard box, a paper plate, scissors, markers, and some clear tape will do the trick.

What I did first was open the box up as shown below.

Then I cut the box in half and then traced my shark shape onto the cardboard. After that I used the scissors to cut out the mouth, and made the teeth from cutting the center out of a paper plate in a zig zag pattern. I attached the paper plate with some clear tape, and used the left over paper plate from the mouth to create the corner label.

From there you can color in your shark however you like, and make your “fish” out of any material you have on hand. We used construction paper and pom poms, and I numbered the fish 1 through 10.

When completed little dude had a great time placing the fish and “krill” as I called the pom poms into the sharks mouth. Being as little man is still very small, I counted aloud as he fed the shark, but didn’t push the numbers too much. If you wanted to increase difficulty for an older child, you could have them sort the fish by size or color as they feed the shark, or feed the fish in order by the numbers on them.

I’m excited to have this activity for the years to come as there is so much room for growth with it! From start to finish it took maybe thirty minutes to complete, but will provide ten fold the amount of fun!

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  1. I love homemade activities like this one. Personally, I think children appreciate it more when they see something being made right in front of them. Thank for this article. Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚


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