DIY: Frozen Yogurt Bites

Frozen Yogurt Bites

Summer is in full effect which means staying cool has been the number one priority around here, and what better way to cool off than with some homemade yogurt bites? Add these to the list of “super easy yet so impressive” snacks, and I’ll explain why that is in just one minute.

Yogurt bites were my babies jam when he first started on solids, he could never get enough! But as he gets older and wants to do everything on his own, feeding him actual yogurt is a challenge, but I also couldn’t keep investing his ever-dwindling college fund into the yogurt bites you buy at the store when he eats them all in one sitting. So pinterest to the rescue is naturally how this story begins.

One afternoon I saw some delicately piped yogurt bites on my newsfeed and figured I could attempt it, realizing I had neither a piping bag or even a ziplock bag, I did what any mediocre mom would do, I took an old baby Tylenol syringe (those yellow things seem to be everywhere) and dropped yogurt onto a sheet pan, at first paying attention to detail, but then just dropping the yogurt because I could here “all done” growing louder and louder from my tiny man in his high chair.

The result was a whole baby bowl full of frozen yogurt treats, and although little man was not a fan at first, once the weather heated up and teeth started coming in, they became his best friend. I also liked them because it gives me something to snack on that isn’t chocolate when I wake up in middle of the night. The cost of the snack is also r in comparison to buying the premade yogurt bites. With a whole sheet pan using maybe four ounces of yogurt, we buy the big tubs of plain vanilla yogurt for $1.89, so essentially, I can make about eight batches of yogurt bites for the price of one bag of the premade ones.

Feel free to mix up the yogurt bites by adding in fresh or frozen fruit, or using a different flavor of yogurt, these are also great thrown together in a bowl with fresh strawberries to just eat as a breakfast meal or a healthy snack.

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