Why Am I Allowed to Parent: Where Are Your Pants?

In this week’s installment we discuss the correlation between my lack of parenting skills with the lack of pants on my son.

My son is a wild thirteen month old, and although he was not always this rowdy and quick on his feet, he has never been a fan of pants. At first he was a summer baby, and being the good parent I was I let him live in a onesie for most of his newborn stage, but as the weather got colder, it became harder to let his little legs live free… or so I thought. Ever since about six months old getting pants on little man has been a challenge to say the least. It’s nice to know getting the baby dressed every morning counts as cardio, and diaper changes might as well by a circuit work out. If it’s after three in the afternoon on any given day chances are little dude is running around pantsless, and it takes alot of effort not to constantly ask “where are your pants?”.

I’m sure naked chubby baby legs are the least of my parenting worries most days, but the complete compliance of his aversion to pants is what has me asking why am I allowed to parent.

Stick around for next week’s final installment of “why am I allowed to parent” and we’ll see what has me questioning myself next!

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