Binge Worthy T.V. Series: My Top 5 Period Pieces

Recently (yesterday) If finished the final episode of season three of the Masterpiece Classic Poldark, having also recently caught up on the final episode of season two of the Masterpiece Classic Victoria, this Mama is in DIRE NEED of a new period piece drama series to indulge in! With that being said, I’m about to rattle off my top five television series I’ve finished within the past year, in the hopes that some beautiful soul in the internet community will suggest something else to fill my time!

  1. Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries.

If you love the roaring twenties, feminist heroines, and murder, then this show is for you! Currently playing on a local PBS station near you, as well as available on Netflix, the show is based on the murder mysteries written by Kerry Greenwood. The series follows Miss Phryne Fisher as she delves head first into the investigation of murders and suspicious acts. With a supporting cast that adds not only comedic charm, but emotional side plots that keep you glued to the series, I would highly recommend binge watching with a glass of wine and some popcorn. Not only is the character of Miss Fisher a bold and take charge type of female lead, but the show doesn’t shy away from topics that were taboo during the time period such as family planning and LGBT relationships which I found refreshing in a period piece. Full of action, adventure, charming Australian accents, and a female lead full of sass and the ability to handle everyone’s light work, I am highly considering re-watching the series.

2. Turn: Washington’s Spies

I stumbled upon this show while on maternity leave, first on Netflix and then in real time during its final season on AMC, Turn: Washington’s Spies follows an unluckily patriot turned spy through the revolutionary war. With twists and turns, as well as the emotional undertones AMC loves to throw into their series, I really got behind Turn because each episode had me questioning who I was rooting for. Obviously being New England born and bred, it was natural that I should want to root for the patriots, but the show was done in such a bipartisan manner that it was left up to the viewer to form their own opinion about the characters each episode which I loved! If you’re in the mood for a revolutionary war drama full of suspense, this may be the show for you.

3. Poldark

As I mentioned already, I just finished the last episode of season three and am eagerly awaiting the airing of season four in late September here in the states. Set in post revolutionary war Cornwall, England, the series is based off of Winston Grahams novels of the same name. Following a young Captain Ross Poldark as he returns home to his home after being assumed dead during the war. The show begin as we watch Ross deal with the trials and tribulations of getting back on his feet. A Masterpiece classic that is not lacking in the drama department, it also shares in its fair share of action, with lots of pub brawls and untimely incidents. The show has the tendency to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, and it was really hard not to look up spoilers while watching. My husband even watched some of this series with me, and unlike my other masterpiece obsession Victoria, he was a fan of this particular show due to the fact that there is a very equal balance between love interests and non-emotional plot developments. I can not wait for season four to air on my local PBS station September 30th, and will most definitely keep you updated on the season premier once I watch it!

4. Victoria

I stumbled upon this show by accident one day, and watched episode seven of season one without any prior context of the show. I liked the show so much I decided to start from the beginning, and now I regret starting it because I’ve finished the two series and am eager for the release of the third! Following the life of Queen Victoria, from her initial appointment as queen, through her marriage and life with Prince Albert, the show not only portrays her as a strong, independent female monarch which I love, but also shows a very human and vulnerable side of the queen I never would have thought to uncover on my own. The show also follows the lives of the palace staff, from the queen’s head dresser to the cook, the subplots that weave in and out of the series are definitely worth keeping track of. I find a sort of personal connection with this show in the aspect that in season two they touch upon Victoria’s struggle with postpartum depression following the birth of her son, and seeing that struggle portrayed in a character that I saw as the pillar of strength really spoke to me when I battled with PPD on my own. As season three filming is underway, it is only a matter of time before we return to Buckingham Palace to catch up with Victoria and Albert and the rest of the cast and crew. You can stream season one of Victoria on Amazon Prime, however to stream season two you would need to support your local PBS station and become a passport member! (Highly recommend the passport membership if you’re into Masterpiece Classics and PBS programming.)

5. Death Comes to Premberley

This one is mini-series following the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy years after the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and I honestly forgot about how much I enjoyed this show until I sat down to watch it the other night, and then realized I already had during one of little dudes all nighters as a newborn. Also a Masterpiece Classic available on PBS and on Netflix( are we sensing the theme here), Death Comes to Premberley revolves around a shocking murder that occurred on Premberley grounds when Elizabeth’s sister Lydia (played by Jenna Coleman, a.k.a Queen Victoria) comes to visit. Another series that is shares a riveting plot with a fair share of drama, the mini-series is only three episodes long but each is as interesting as the next. I was unaware that this series is actually based off the the novel of the same name by P.D. James, so add that to the summer reading list and set your sights on a three episode binge-athon to capture the mini-series in its full glory.

Well there you have it, the past years round up of binge worthy series that still hold a special place in my heart. The hubs is begging me to start Game of Thrones, but I feel like we’ll finish that easily by its eventual return.What other shows are you watching that you deem binge worthy?

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