An Ode to Africa by Toto

There is nothing better than finding a song that calms your baby down when they’re hysterical and luckily (or unluckily for my husband) for our little man that song is Africa by Toto.

If you aren’t familiar, Africa is a classic 80’s hit by the band Toto, and has a catchy chorus that I’ve loved since my introduction to Stranger Things. When I was pregnant with little man I’d lay my phone on my belly and he’d dance the night away to the drum beat!

Fast forward to the nightmare of the first six weeks of his life, and every night we’d listen to Africa and dance to sleep. When in doubt the phone came out and Africa played little man back into a state of calm.

Now we’re just past the 13 month mark and recently we’ve had a rough time with loosing the binkie. Every time we loose it I say “we’re not going back” and although Africa buys some temporary relief, we always go back to the bink.

Africa is still one of my favorite songs, and has grown to be little mans aswell. With a large internet following, its hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy the song.

So here’s to Toto, for blessing the rains and giving us a killer song to jam to when the baby gets fussy.

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