New England Mama Giveaway!

Alright a few of you may have noticed over the past few months or so the blog has been bustling significantly more than this time last year.

This time last year I posted maybe twice a month, but now I post atleast twice a week. This mama has decided to step up her game and would love for you to tag along for the ride!

I’ve decided to take a step into the deep end and create an email list, twice monthly newsletters with exclusive content, recipes, pdfs, and all things mom (and dad) related! If that seems like something you’re down for feel free to subscribe through the pop up!

To sweeten the deal I’ve created the first ever New England Mama give away! It’s a tiny but mighty prize, from everyone that joins the email list between now and August 1st, some lucky winner will take home a whopping $5 Amazon gift card! It’s not much, but its a start! The winner will be randomly selected on August 2nd, and also win the title of first ever NewEngland Mama give away winner! Super corny and very much a small accomplishment, but coming from someone that wins literally nothing, I’d gladly take the title if I could.

Well that’s what’s happening with the blog, moving and grooving in a way that hopefully allows me to keep pursing my writing dreams, while living the mom life. So here’s to July, giveaways, and all the good things that keep us inspired!

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