Make it Happen Monday: Week 1 Reflection Post.

Well this past week kind of kicked my butt, but I found my second wind at about 10pm last night and am ready to tackle this week head on!

I’ve realized three things so far 1. It’s a heat wave and I’m lazy 2. I need to stop catastrophizing and get things done and 3. My husband is a God send.

Touching on the heat wave, the real feel is in the 100’s all this week, and the humidity is killer! Excuses are not a great way to justify the lack of motivation but truly I’m melting when I even think about leaving our room. Luckily my husband put in our A.C. so sleeping is way more bearable, which might make waking up less of a chore because we’ll actually get some decent sleep.

The catastrophizing aspect is something I’ve struggled with as long as I can remember, and this week really was a rough one. The clock is ticking on my leaving for military stuff and I’ve been an anxious mess since Tuesday at the mere thought of it. I know I need to pull it together, take my list one task at a time, and just savour every minute of the next two weeks. That’s my number one goal for this week.

Finally point number three, my husband puts up with me way more than he should and has really picked up the slack this week. Yesterday I walked into the living room and both my husband and tiny man we’re sweeping the crumbs off the carpet. I don’t even do that so naturally I had to fight back happy tears. My husband has really been my rock lately so shout out to him for keeping the housework done and baby fed while I have a meltdown.

So last week wasn’t highly motivated, but today starts a new week. I’m keeping the list small, making tasks manageable, and easing the stress of perfection by only focusing on the task at hand. Let’s hope this week is more successful!

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  1. I’ve been taking what I call a “slow down”. What that means is to take each thing that needs doing and do just that. Not at a snails pace, but in a more meaningful pace, doing said “chore” with intent. I usually run around from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning until I can’t stand up any longer. Taking a slow down has really allowed me to focus and not feel so scattered brain. Isn’t having an awesome husband great?! We are going on 28 years and the list of things he helps with is quite long! Breathe Kyla! You’ve got this! And thank you for your service! Happy 4th of July! Koko 🙂

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