I Am Nobody: A Reflection Piece

For today’s post we’re taking a small side journey away from parenting and delving a bit into some self reflection! Sit back and enjoy my ramblings and feel free to join in with your own!

“I am nobody, who are you? Are you a nobody too?” These are the opening lines to an Emily Dickinson poem I memorized back in sixth grade for some sort of project that seems to escape me, but the poem holds still pretty strongly in my mind.

“I am nobody, who are you? Are you a nobody too? Then there’s too of us don’t tell, they’d advertise you know. How dreary to be somebody, how public like a frog, to tell ones name the live long day to an admiring bog!”

There are a few different variations to this poem, but the one above is the one I’ve remembered all these years. (It’s been 12 or so years, so that’s saying something.) Recently this poems popped back into my mind out of the blue and with it came a surge of memories. When I first think of these lines I  remember how strongly it resonated with me when I was the ripe age of 12, full of angst and everything dramatic, I felt that my girl Emily really hit the nail on the head of my early teenage years.

Fast forward to right now, I’m a proud wife and mother, living my best life to the absolute fullest, yet this poem still holds so much weight for me, as much if not more so than it did all those years prior. Looking at the poem now as an adult, the meaning has changed drastically. Adolescent me wanted to stand out, to live a big life with big dreams and settle for nothing less, yet here I am absolutely  in love with the idea of living a simple, quiet, uncomplicated life.  Suddenly its feeling like my entire being is coming together into the happy human I’ve always wanted to be, but was never able to glue all together.

What are some poems that you remember from your younger years? Has the significance changed over time? Let me know in the comments below and happy reading!

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  1. That is one of my favorite Dickinson poems. I think Emily would be surprised and dismayed at how people “root their own horns” via FB Instagram etc. These platforms are wonderful as they help keep families connected ( like you and me ❤️) but also add anxiety as everyone posts the best parts of their lives making others second guess the quality of their own. We all need to remember that everyone has stuff to deal with. You are doing important work. Being a wife and mom isn’t always easier or glamorous. Trying to improve one’s life and self are admirable but be sure to cut yourself some slack when the day doesn’t go as planned. Life is a journey and a process. After many many years on this planet and having walked many miles on the road of life this road I know how it can be. Whewww! Ok stepping off my soapbox. You are awesome! The fact that you have a baby and a blog is amazing! For an old spinster lady Emily was ahead of her time and her insights on life (though a bit dark) stand the test of time,

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