What’s a Desk? The Evolution of My Work Space.

Recently I was on the hunt for some good article ideas to switch up the content of the blog, and one idea that seemed to really stick out was an article capturing what your work space looked like, and it got me thinking about the evolution of my work spaces over the years and figured it’d be fun to share!

It’s funny how much importance I used to place on my desk over the years, as a kid I can remember making sure it was squared away when visitors came over, and diligently sitting down to write or do school work. I’m not sure why or where the desk obsession began as neither of my parents ever kept a traditional desk, and although my mom keeps a desk now, there was really no importance placed on having a work space because growing up in a family of four kids, anything was a work area if you tried hard enough.

I always loved sitting down and setting up my work space in school, and as an adult when I moved into my very first apartment I made sure to have a designated desk space even if it often was used for stacking laundry. Being the mediocre college student I was my desk also saw many all nighters, frequently used for homework and creative pursuits.

My first ever apartment work space!

When I met my husband and we eventually shared a living space it was evident that I now had two desks, mine that was devoted to my creative projects, and then his which I would often take over for my academic pursuits. I remember when we first moved into my in-laws house, my husband made sure to clean the room up one day and organized my desk to its full potential so I could write in a tidy space that was all my own.

Dylan’s handy work at organizing my desk!

It wasn’t until little man came along that the desk was sacrificed for a crib, in the early days I used a trunk with my exercise ball, but after about month four I gave up on the idea entirely.

My end of pregnancy/ newborn desk area.

As I write this, my desk is currently my lap, sitting in bed while The Great British Baking Show plays softly in the background. Sometimes my work space is the kitchen table, or the couch in the living room while PBS keeps the little guy entertained for a few minutes. Most of the time my “desk” is honestly my phone, thank you modern technology for making computers nearly obsolete. The moral of the story is, a work space is more of an idea, a fluid area where I can write articles, create graphics, and edit it all together in perfect blog harmony. I hope to someday bring a desk back into my life, but for the time being my lap is just fine.

What does your work space look like? Is there any where you prefer to work that isn’t a desk? Let me know in the comments!

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