Sun Safety!

Today we’re gonna tackle a quick list of ways to make sure you’re keeping you and your little covered in the Sun!

1. Hats!

If you’ve ever tried to put a sun hat on a baby you can relate to the struggle, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a wide brimmed hat to protect your baby’s sensitive scalp and ears. Little man will humor me with a bucket hat, but more often atleast will wear a baseball cap. Any hat is better than no hat when it comes to avoiding exposure!

2. Sunscreen is key!

Sunscreen is not recommended for children under six months, but once they hit the six month mark we used water babies spray on sunscreen and babyganics for little mans face! When choosing a sunscreen opt for atleast 30 SPF, and apply 30 minutes before exposure, and reapply often while you’re enjoying the fine summer weather! Key places that are often forgotten are tops of feet, behind the ears, and tops of the hands!

3. Shade and a play rest cycle!

Sometimes you won’t be able to find shade, and that’s alright, but be sure to bring along an umbrella or sun shade if you have it! Tree coverage is a great way to stay cool and out of direct sunlight, as is a good play rest cycle! Try to break up extra long periods of sun exposure with a snack in the shade or a bathroom run! Take that shady minute to assess for any hot weather injuries or sunburns, and reapply sunscreen as well!

4. Hydrate!

I know I’ve preached about this before, but even though you may feel cool always stay hydrated! I like to pop some ice cubes in little mans sippy cup if it’s extra hot, and always have a back up of water handy for when he drinks it all. Other ways to stay hydrated are eating water based fruits and veggies as well as freeze pops and popsicles!

5. Tee shirts are water friendly!

I love letting little dude run around shirtless, but our strong Irish heritage tends to deter that fact due to our pasty skin! He’s grown accustomed to wearing a tee shirt rash gaurd when it’s mid-day, but after about 4 if it’s still hot, the shirt can come off once sunscreens reapplied. Rash guards are a great way to stay cool with out over doing the Sun.

Well that about sums up my go to sun safety tips, what do you do to make sure your littles steer clear of sunburns?!

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