A Day at the Zoo

About two months ago we took a trip out to the Southwick Zoo, and despite the humidity we had an awesome time!

I was initially nervous because little man had never been to the Zoo before and was going through his screeching phase, but with the right amount of planning and luck, everything went pretty smooth.

We packed the diaper bag for all potential disasters and used the second seat of the double stroller to hold it which was great. In the diaper bag we had about 6 diapers, a pack of wipes, an extra outfit, a sippy cup, and a Tupperware container filled with cheerios and goldfish. Add in an applesauce pouch and a few extra bottles of water and we were looking good.

We alternated the baby between the stroller, the soft fabric baby carrier, and for a little bit we just took turns holding him. We went just before he was walking all the time so the next trip will be easier in that regard.

Given handfuls of cheerios and a sippy cup little dude was ready to take on the Zoo and loved seeing all the animals especially the monkeys! The mix of the fresh air, exotic animals, plus a good amount of walking made for a lazy Sunday Funday.

We stayed for about three hours and that was a great amount of time to take in all the exhibits, and just as we were leaving the clouds opened up and the rain began, so I’d say it was a successful trip.

The Southwick Zoo is located in Mendon, Massachusetts and you can find more information on visiting on their website here.

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