You Can Call Me Mom

So if you've been following along in the journey lately, I recently returned from three weeks away and man is it good to be back! I digress though because today's story is all about how my son no longer calls me Mama, Mom, or Ma. In a desperate move to hold onto the angst that... Continue Reading →

A Bee Stung My Baby (kind of)

Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways, such as how a last minute fashion choice saved my baby's bum from a bee sting. Here's the story on this surprisngly comical event. We got together as a family to celebrate my mom's birthday, the small celebration took place in my parents backyard on the deck. A baby... Continue Reading →

Sick Baby Struggles

Recently little dude was hit hard with a stomach bug, and as a first time mom let me tell ya, it was a nightmare! Baby spit up is one thing, but when your toddler can't communicate how he's feeling and then just blows chunks all over the bed, that's a whole experience no one prepared... Continue Reading →

Our Morning Routine

The key to getting up and out of the house on time in the morning is a simple formula of equal parts preparation, coffee, and cooperation from all parties involved. I'm going to give you a quick run down of our morning routine that seems to get us where we need to be on time... Continue Reading →

Green Living: Part Five

In the final installment of this week's green living series I'm giving you a tutorial on making your own no sew reusable grocery bag! This week has been all about ways to help out the environment, so today we're turning that ratty old gym shirt into a grocery bag! This is a super simple no... Continue Reading →

Green Living: Part Four

In honor of it being Thursday a.k.a an awkward extension of Friday, here's five green documentaries to binge over the weekend! 1. No Impact Man I had the honor of receiving this book from a friend one year and after reading it had to see the documentary. Following a small family in New York City... Continue Reading →

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