Green Living: Part One

I’m baaaack! I know it didn’t seem like I was gone, but training is over and we’re kicking off the month of August with a five part series on going green!

As a parent it can be hard to think about the environment when trying to keep all the moving parts and pieces of your day in tact, but I’m gonna try and throw out some helpful tips and tricks on making a green change with out having to really break the budget.

Today we’re going to tackle one of the easier ways to go green, and that’s by saying no to plastic bags!

It is definitly a learning experience swapping to reusable containers and bags, and trust me I forget my reusable shopping bags more than I’d like to admit, but even if you decide that on your big shopping trip of the week you’ll bring your own bags rather than use plastic, that’s a start!

When we started to be more earth conscious, it was half environmental half I didn’t see the point in wasting money on buying zip lock bags, but we’re about six months in and it’s working out fine! My list of containers is never ending because really anything can be a bag or container if you try hard enough! Clean out those glass sauce jars when you’re done for smoosh free food containers! I love using mason jars for iced coffee, and they make the perfect sangria glass! Other great uses for glass jars are for carrying popcorn, because it doesn’t get crushed, and also for keeping track of loose change or hair ties.

Bringing your own bags to the grocery store is something that seems way more difficult than it actually is. I bring mine and go through self check out if I can just to avoid making more work for the bagger, but it’s not hard to hand them over if its a full service lane. Reusable bags don’t have to always look the same, I use an insulated tote I got with my breast pump and no one is any wiser! The biggest thing is just thinking outside the box when it comes to containers and bags, and if you do have plastic bags kicking around, reuse them as much as you can!!!

I can tell you about plastic bags and how they sit in the ocean forever after they get tossed to the wind, but if you’re in a documentary type mood and want to watch an awesome movie on the life of a plastic bag, check out Bag It for a better idea. I remember watching this documentary on Netflix when I was a senior in high school (going on six years ago now) and it just really struck home with how terrible the plastic situation really is.

Being a human in this day and age is tough, but that doesn’t mean we should take out our frustrations on planet earth! So even if you simply start using reusable bags once a month over plastic, every little baby step can help make a difference. Plus who else hates the inevitable pile up of plastic shopping bags?! I know I sure do!

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