Green Living: Part Four

In honor of it being Thursday a.k.a an awkward extension of Friday, here’s five green documentaries to binge over the weekend!

1. No Impact Man

I had the honor of receiving this book from a friend one year and after reading it had to see the documentary. Following a small family in New York City and their quest to have no impact on the environment, it was inspiring to watch and baffling to comprehend such a lofty goal. Colin’s take on the whole idea, plus his families support really assured me that even people with toddlers can go green. Available through YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Google Play, it was on Netflix Circa 2012, but I’m unable to confirm if it’s still on the streaming service.

2. Bag It

Another great documentary found on Netflix Circa 2012, this one follows one dude on his quest to raise awareness about how plastic dependent society has become. It starts with just swearing off plastic grocery bags and spirals into so much more, plus the soundtrack was really catchy so what more do you need? Currently available on Itunes, but I’ll keep looking for it elsewhere because it was truly a gem.

3. Food Inc.

This is one of the more popular documentaries on the list, but definitely a must see for anyone who is interested in environmentalism especially as it pertains to the food industry in America. Narrated by Eric Schlosser, it takes you through the good, bad, ugly, and ultimately capitalistic system that is our food industry. Currently available on Netflix, will make you think twice about your next grocery trip.

4. Planet Earth (and Planet Earth 2)

A big part of our environment I failed to touch on so far is the hundreds of thousands of species we share the earth with! Planet Earth and it’s follow up Planet Earth 2 are both great family friendly ways to start the discussion on how our actions effect not just ourselves but the millions of other life forms on the planet. Episodes are based off of regions and can be streamed on Netflix. I highly recommend watching as the filming quality is beyond beautiful, and captures a part of the ecosystem that is effected most directly by our actions.

5. The Lorax

Alright not a documentary, but as this is mostly a mom blog I included this one because it is the simplest way to explain environmentalism to a little one. Dr. Seuss nailed alot of things, but most importantly he nailed the importance of taking care of our surroundings and standing up for what’s right even in times of peril. I love the original 1972 version which is available on Hulu , but would also love to watch the 2012 version which can be found on prime, YouTube, and Google Play.

That’s my list for today, what other movies or shows would you add for the green living watch list?

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