Green Living: Part Five

In the final installment of this week’s green living series I’m giving you a tutorial on making your own no sew reusable grocery bag! This week has been all about ways to help out the environment, so today we’re turning that ratty old gym shirt into a grocery bag!

This is a super simple no sew project that’s great for all crafting levels! All you need is an old tee shirt and a pair of scissors!

First things first, pick out an old tee shirt, I chose one that was a little on the larger side, more so for space as you’ll be using it to make your bag and want to fit a decent amount of stuff in it!

Lay your tee shirt out flat and then we’ll start but cutting off the sleeves and cutting the collar out to make the opening and handles of the bag. Once you’ve done that go ahead and cut 1 inch slits all across the bottom as you can see below!

Next we’re gonna flip the shirt inside out and start tying those tassles up! You want to be sure to double knot the tassles on the bottom as this will be the bottom of your bag.

Once your knotted, the bottom should look like the photo below.

Finally just turn your shirt bag back right side out and viola! You have a one of a kind reusable grocery bag! You’ve not only given new life to an old shirt, but created a way to fight the plastic grocery bag struggle!

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