Our Morning Routine

The key to getting up and out of the house on time in the morning is a simple formula of equal parts preparation, coffee, and cooperation from all parties involved. I’m going to give you a quick run down of our morning routine that seems to get us where we need to be on time every time.

0600- Wake Up!

My alarm will either go off or little man will start to stir, either way when six AM rolls around, it’s time to get moving and start our day!

0610- Breakfast!

From wake up we give good morning kisses and brief cuddles before heading into the kitchen for our morning meal. Little dudes breakfast usually consists of a banana or other fruit serving, cheese, and toast or something of the carb variety. Some days he gets mini pancakes or a frozen waffle, other days an egg, either way he washes it down with a sippy of milk while I unload the dishwasher and get our lunches and snacks packed for the day. If I’m feeling really motivated I’ll do this the night before, but atleast I’ll always have a general idea of what we’re packing to make it easier.

0630: Diapers, dressed, and distress.

At about 6:30 we roll into diaper time, little mans been really good at not going a whole lot at night so diaper time doesn’t have to happen first thing. I’ll get him dressed and put on some sort of t.v. show for him (usually ABC Kids TV or the occasional Baby Signing Time) and I’ll proceed to get dressed and pack the diaper bag. The diaper bag is usually pretty stocked, but I always double check he has extra clothes, plenty of diapers, and throw our lunches and snacks in for good measure while he’s occupied.

0645: Teeth and Clean Up!

By the time quarter to seven rolls around we’re both ready to brush our teeth! I make sure to atleast try and brush his teeth before he takes off chewing on the tooth brush but hey, some days are better than others. Once teeth are brushed I do the final sweep of the house and gather all our last minute items before we turn off the t.v. and head out the door.

0700- Time for the morning commute!

By seven o’clock our good byes have been said and we’re off to see our baby friends at “work”. I use the word work loosely as I babysit an awesome family of three kids so I often bring little dude with me to socialize and play which is probably the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had.

Our morning routine is simple, we try to stay on a loose schedule and flow with it as we see fit. I know with only the one tiny human it’s a false sense of security with how easy mornings go, so kuddos to all the moms and dads of multiple tiny humans who manage to make magic happen every single morning. Regardless of how the day may go, I take solace in my morning coffee and just hope for good vibes, and usually the day goes by pretty smooth.

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  1. Wow! It seems you already have your routine down pat. I believe in having a routine, too. When children know what’s going to happen next, there’s less “drama” because they already expect it (though there are really some days when uuurrrghh!) 😐 Love this post! Thank you for sharing.

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