Sick Baby Struggles

Recently little dude was hit hard with a stomach bug, and as a first time mom let me tell ya, it was a nightmare!

Baby spit up is one thing, but when your toddler can’t communicate how he’s feeling and then just blows chunks all over the bed, that’s a whole experience no one prepared me for.

For the past four days we’ve been playing it safe with Pedialyte and small starchy snacks, but I swear as soon as he’s feeling better he starts throwing up all over again. Luckily he loves cuddles, which we are always here to provide but its really tough when you can’t do anything else to make it better.

The washing machine has been a godsend, as has my family who are always more than helpful when it comes to baby issues. I don’t know how people do this with multiples, and hope this is the last time I’m cleaning chunks of puke out of my little dudes beautiful curls.

Send coffee and good vibes friends, it’s been a week.

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