A Bee Stung My Baby (kind of)

Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways, such as how a last minute fashion choice saved my baby’s bum from a bee sting. Here’s the story on this surprisngly comical event.

We got together as a family to celebrate my mom’s birthday, the small celebration took place in my parents backyard on the deck. A baby friendly outdoor space, we’ve never had an issue with bees in the whole 15 years my parents have lived there. Well fast forward to yesterday when my Dad found a hive in one of his planters and subsequently drowned the hive with a garden hose. Needless to say three hours later there were a couple angry bee stragglers buzzing through the party every now and again.

This is where our story begins. Little dude is doing his thing, playing with toys sitting on his bum and he happens to stand up and I notice a yellow jacket is stuck to his butt. I yell to my Dad to get the bee off the unphased child and he goes “it’s stinging his butt, it’s dead and the stingers out!”

Well color me surprised, luckily when Ezra got dressed that morning I had decided to put him in his wrangler jeans, so the thickness saved his tushy from getting stung. It was the best of a worst case scenario because after last week’s puke fest, little man definitly is in no place to be getting stung in the bum by a bee.

Long story short, by being a little crazy in making sure my child was looking spiffy for a family event, I unintentionally saved him from a yellow jacket sting in the tush.

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