The Pouch Problem: A Snack-tastrophy Solved!

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Recently we’ve been on a journey to limit our waste and lessen our carbon footprint, which as any parent of a toddler knows, can be daunting and down right impossible! My biggest snack-tastrophy was with food packaging! My kid loves to eat, and one of the easiest snacks on the market are those pre-made apple sauce and yogurt pouches.

Essentially mess free and the perfect on the go snack, once little man could handle feeding himself without making a huge mess, we we’re going throw a 12 pack once a week if not more! Naturally the pouches are born out of convenience, meaning they aren’t environmentally friendly. I often thought there had to be a better, less wasteful way to fulfill the pouch needs, and after many nights sent searching the internet and pouring over reviews, I found a reusable pouch product I was willing to try!

What I was looking for in a reusable pouch system was simple, something that was reusable, had good reviews, was BPA free, and was larger than the average 4 ounce apple sauce pouch as my little dude is constantly hungry. I also was looking for a product that didn’t break the bank. All of that being said I took the plunge and ordered the QOOC Reusable Baby Food Pouch 12 pack on Amazon and within two days my package arrived and I was giddy with trying out the new reusable pouches!

I filled six of them with apple sauce and stored them in the fridge to grab and go through out the week, finding the side zipper easy to fill and I didn’t even have to use the funnel that came with the pouches! With markers at the 3, 5, and 7 ounce mark, it was easy to see just how much I was putting in, and although I didn’t date them, there is a place to date the pouch when you fill it.

We ran out of apple sauce this morning, so Greek yogurt it is for tomorrow!

Another major hurdle I considered when finding a pouch was the washing aspect, but the fact that the pouch opens from the side allows me to get into every nook and cranny s there is no fear of mold growth! I simply rinse, wash with some dish soap, then leave to air dry before refilling. They fold down flat when no in use, and even when being stored, they don’t take up any room at all in the fridge or little mans lunch box when we leave the house.

I know plastic is considered a no-go, but making the switch to reusable plastic pouches rather than throwing 12 in a landfill every week seemed like a step in the right direction in lowering our carbon footprint. With school starting back up in session, I would highly recommend considering a switch over to a reusable pouch system for your on the go snacking needs! Use one already or have a plastic free version that works great? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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