Tot School: A Look Into Our Journey

Back to school season is upon us, my classes start up next week, which naturally had me thinking on how to incorporate learning into little dudes life. I did some soul searching and lots of pinterest research and discovered the idea of tot school and immediately fell in love! From what I understand Tot School is primarily based on getting kiddos ready for preschool and focuses heavily on play and reading, two things we can’t get enough of!

Without going too crazy I made out a schedule for the month with books I wanted to work with, and activities I wanted to try out! Sticking with a farm theme for the month of September, I’m hoping to do a few different sensory bins that I’ll post about as they come to life!

My biggest goal with tackling tot school is to lessen our screen time and create a better bond with my little man. As a working mama, and soon to return to full time student mama, finding quality time with little dude is always at the top of my list, and if he would stop calling me Kyla and call me Mom again, that would be cool

I’m hoping that the first month is a success simply in the way of taking the extra time to be more present in activities rather than rushing through the day, while sprinkling in some learning at the same time.

Have a suggestion? Let me know in the comments!

Kicking off our farm theme with a trip to the farm!

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