Back to School: Mom Edition

After nearly two years off, I’ve returned to college to hopefully wrap up a degree in early childhood education, and man did I forget just how hard it is to sit still and listen.

I had my first class last night and luckily had enough time to feed and bath the little dude before heading to campus. I only sat in the wrong class for a few minutes before realizing I read the schedule wrong, and still managed to claim a decent seat with time to spare.

I took notes, I organized, I asked questions, it was a miracle I was still awake by the time class wrapped up because I was EXHAUSTED just from listening and participating in the lecture. No one said going back to school would be easy, but in my younger years I must’ve forgot what being tired was.

The biggest thing I’m going to try and do this semester is stay in schedule, something my younger self struggled with as a college student. I’m hoping that with the added responsibilities of little dude and the hubs, that I’ll treat my learning time as the precious alone time that it is and give it 110%.

Are any other parents out there rocking the student life? How do you manage? Any pro tips would be appreciated as I’ve still got at least until next May to go before I finish this chapter up. Stay tuned and send good vibes and caffeine, cause this mama is definitely gonna need it.

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