Old Macdonald Had a Farm Sensory Bin!

As you may have read last week we’ve embarked on a very loosely structured tot school journey! With September being farm themed what better way to start the month than with an Old Macdonald themed sensory bin! Paired with Pete the Cat’s fantastic board book rendition of the classic hit, little dude can kind of start to recognize that not every animal says “woof woof” which is awesome!

The bin is super simple, we have our plastic bin, with elbow pasta and a little bit of corn meal as our medium, and then I tossed in some farm animals and miscellaneous kitchen items for scooping! Although we are still at the stage of supervised use, little man loves pulling out the animals to show me as I make the noise, or just messing around with the dry pasta.

The amount of learning opportunities are pretty endless as we practice counting, making animal noises, pairing up similar animals, and the list goes on as we continue to play every day!

We plan on doing a different sensory bin every week as the month progresses so stay tuned for the next farm themed bin!

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