Ten Apples Up On Top Sensory Bin

For this weeks sensory bin we took major inspiration from the book Ten Apples Up On Top, although not directly farm related, the cast of animals plus apples made me feel like it belonged!

I used the same bin and pasta as before, but this round I incorporated apple trees out of recycled toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Our apples were represented by green, yellow, and red pom-poms with a little basket to keep them all together. The main characters in the book are a lion, a tiger, and a dog, which I did my best to find representation from our animal bin.

Although not spot on, it was the thought that counted and little man enjoyed playing just the same.

We enjoyed reading the story, counting the apples as we “picked” them from the bin, and familiarized with the colors of the apples as we played. Little man really enjoyed throwing the trees as well, which added a fun clean up aspect to play time.

Going into week three of our farm month of tot school, little man can say “moo” and “cluck” and is getting a lot more confident in his fine motor skills with playing with the smaller animal toys.

We’re having a lot of fun watching him learn and explore with the activities, and just grow up in general. We finally made it to story time at our local library last week and I’m hoping that by sticking to a somewhat play routine we can keep it up and continue to do fun things and build a solid routine for when the winter blues kick in! We ended our week with a trip to the farm, and are so excited to see what adventures this week will bring!

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