5 Low Prep Toddler Activities!

First off welcome back! It’s been a little bit since I’ve created some quality content but we’re officially back in action! Kicking off our new blogging schedule, Mondays are now focused on parenting, from activities, to books, and everything that falls into the category of being a parent! Today we’re going to tackle some awesome low prep activities that are little man tested and New England Mama approved!

Muffin Tin Madness: In case you aren’t aware, kids love to take stuff out of things and put them into other things, cue the muffin tin. Whether it be balls, blocks, farm animals, any small items laying around, Ezra has been really digging the muffin tin vibe lately. We recently dumped out all the plastic animals and sorted them into the tins, then followed up by making the noise of every animal we picked up! Thankfully for the animal sounds I don’t know (have you ever heard a giraffe? Me either) our google home was able to help fill in the blanks! He loves just putting stuff in different tins, it’s great fine motor skill practice, and eventually we can work our way up to sorting colors, shapes, and numbers too!

A muffin tin waiting for tiny hands to play with it.

Arts and Crafts: We are slowly moving into the age where we don’t put everything into our mouth, which means it is time to start crafting! Another great fine motor skill activity, we use crayons, markers, chalk, and bingo dobbers when we are especially excited! We recently have begun spooky crafts for Halloween as you can see below, it’s amazing how such a low prep activity can be so entertaining and turn into an awesome piece to hang in the living room!

Yogurt or Pudding Paint: Have a good chunk of time for snack turned sensory play? Add some food coloring to yogurt or pudding and let the little fingers at it! We always love activities that are taste safe and this one is always a hit!

Balloon Play: This one is one of my favorites! Lately little man has been really into sweeping, so we spiced it up by showing him how to hit the balloon with the broom and he loved it! Simply chasing a balloon around the living room for an hour is a great way to burn off some energy, especially when it’s not the best outside.

Magnets and a cookie sheet: We’ve been using this one alot during our babysitting days because its low prep and easy to share! Simply throw a handful of magnets onto a cookie sheet and you’ve got a portable magnet board for all the little hands to enjoy! Magnets are fun, especially when curious minds try to stick them to every surface imaginable and start to slowly understand how they work!

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