Comfort Food 101: Super Easy Chili

This weeks weather is proving fall is here and it is here to stay! Nothing screams fall more than dinner in a crock pot, and nothing says crock pot more than a super easy chili that can simmer on low for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon! My super easy Sunday night Chili recipe consists of staples you probably already have in your pantry, plus some ground hamburg or turkey and a packet of chili seasoning and you’re in for a delicious bowl of comfort food in 6 to 8 hours!

Super Easy Chili

I like to pair my chili with some mini corn muffins, toss a couple into the bowl and mix it in for a fun change of pace! This recipe is honestly my go to as everyone in our household eats it, and it is great as leftovers as well! It’s messy to watch little dude eat it, but he loves to pick out the beans and smear the sauce all over his tray.

Sunday afternoon football has him hooked!

Well that is my go to comfort food for the fall, what’s yours? I’d love to hear it and give it a try!

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