Dollar Tree Busy Board

Little man is getting to that age where he is into buttons, switches, clips, anything and everything seems to fascinate him which is awesome for play time! Everyday we seem to find something new and exciting to do play with whether it be a battery less t.v. remote or my empty travel mug, common household objects seem to be his latest craze!

Pinterest is also a big part of our life lately, so I figured why not take a crack at making a busy board! With twelve dollars in my pocket and forty five minutes of alone time, I bring you our dollar tree busy board!

As you can see above, I didn’t really get a great picture before he tore into it, but he absolutely loved it! I chose a battery operated light switch, a push light, a giant calculator, and not attached but an etch a sketch that was a hit earlier in the day while we ran errands. I threw on some simple stickers and viola!

I left for the weekend for drill and he managed to rip off all the stickers and the push light, however the calculator and light switch still remain and he loves to push all the numbers and switch the light up and down, a non-screen time activity that he can come back to through out the day which is great!

Has anyone else made any busy boards? What did you find worked best? I’d love to hear from my fellow activity creators as to what keeps your littles busy!

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