Top 5 Not So Scary Halloween Movies!

With a sick little dude at home and a noreaster headed our way this weekend, I’m sure binging some family halloween movies will definitely be on our to-do list! Let me give you a run down of my favorite halloween movies for the whole family to enjoy!

1. Scary Godmother

This one will always hold a special in my heart as I can fondly remember watching it on Cartoon Network as a kid. A fun story about a group of friends who try to scare Hannah, the youngest cousin who gets sent with them to trick or treat, but with the help of her Scary Godmother, things go a little differently. Currently available on YouTube, I’m not sure if you can catch it on Cartoon Network this year, but if you can find it I would let the kiddos enjoy!

2. Halloweentown

Debbie Reynolds and a Disney Channel Original? What more do you need?! Follow newly found out she was a witch Marnie and her siblings as they fight the evil forces threatening their Grandma’s home of halloweentown! There are three other movies in the series but the first will always be my favorite! Airing all month on Disney Channel, you can also rent the classic through Amazon Video, YouTube, and the Google Play Store.

3. Curious George and The Halloween Boofest!

I think I like Curious George more than my son at this point, but this movie is just the cutest. Following our friend George through the tale of “no noggin” a hat stealing, headless, grump of a ghost. We also see some giant pumpkins, fun costumes, and of course a ton of curious moments. Airing on PBS Kids all month, you can also find the title on Hulu!

4. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Halloween.

This one is new to me, but came out in 2016 and is equally as fun as any other Cat in the Hat experience! We follow our friend the Cat as well as his friends on an epic adventure in the “thing a ma jigger” as they search for spooky costumes to wear for Halloween! Airing on PBS kids all this month and available with Amazon Prime, little dude loves to giggle his way through the whole thing!

5. Oddbods Party Monsters!

Little dude has recently been into Oddbods and the halloween special is one that I can get behind! We follow the Oddbods cast through a halloween party featuring a Sherlock Holmes impersonator and lots of fun! Available on Netflix, Hulu, and for rent on YouTube and google play! It’s very toddler friendly as there isn’t much dialogue to follow, but cute enough that I was captivated through out the show.

6. BONUS! Hocus Pocus

This one isn’t neccesarily for the littles but is absolutely my favorite family friendly movie for the halloween season! Who can deny loving the sinister Sanderson sisters and their quest to gain immortality?! Plus throw in the watch cat Binx and some solid 1990’s fashion and you can understand why it’s a cult classic! You can find the full gambit of where to watch over here and enjoy some witchy good laughs! As a former Salem citizen I can (a little biased) say that this is hands down the best Halloween movie out there, and I’m sure my other Salem residents past and present can agree!

So get your popcorn and cozy blankets and curl up for some halloween binging for the whole family!

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